Equipment Dealers

Yorkville Sound Incredible line of sound reinforcement for bands and DJ's.MSRP
Traynor Amps Tube bass and guitar amps, Canadian made since 1963 MSRP
Hughes & Kettner “The Technology Of Tone" MSRP
Cyclone Gear Hand wired point to point amps and pedals. Made right here in Richmond VA.
V-Picks These picks are truly amazing! Well known for tone, speed, feel and super grip.
Saga Great Affordable String Instruments Kentucky Mandolins Regal Dobros Banjos Blueridge Guitars Gypsy style Django Guitars Orchestral instruments.
Jensen Speakers Great Vintage and Modern speakers
Apex Quality Inexpensive Microphones's for live performance and recording.MSRP
ART Mic pre amps EQ, studio rack gear.MSRP
Visual Sound Guitar amps and pedals. Guitar amp in stock! Rt66 Comp/OD,H20 Ecko/Chorus, Jekyll 'n Hyde OD/Dist
VanAmps Great sounding analog spring reverb pedal for under $300
Mojotone Great Speakers, Fender Authorized Amp Parts, Tubes, and other cool stuff.
Stompbox An electric foot drum that reacts to the tap of your foot.
L.R Baggs Excellent acoustic instrument amplification. Authorized dealer.
All Parts All Parts for Guitars.
George L's Best instrument cables on the planet, steel guitar accessories, pickups, strings, and a fantastic acoustic guitar "sound hole" pickup.
Rapco Cables, snakes, AB & Direct boxes, etc.
Proco Rat Distortion/Ducetone/DI's other Divice boxes, Cables